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Souvenirs d'Antony

collection, pub:1835

A collection of tales including
Cherubino et Celestini
Le Cocher de Cabriolet (Marie)
Blanche de Beaulieu (La Rose Rouge)
Un Bal masqué
Jacques I et Jacques II
Don Martin de Freytas
Le Curé de Chambard

From A Bibliography of Alexandre Dumas père by Frank Wild Reed:
     A collection of five (or, if we regard "Antonio " and "Maria" as separate stories, and not portions of "Cherubino et Celestini," then seven) short tales, issued by Dumas while his play "Antony" was still at the height of its success, and therefore a thing to conjure with, hence the title. In no other way has it any connection with the famous character.

CHERUBINO ET CELESTINI. (Les Enfants de la Madone.)
     This story occupied pp. 1 to 42. It first appeared, either with or without the two following chapters, as "Les Enfants de la Madone," in the "Livre des Cent-et-Une Nouvelles," during 1833.

     In the first edition this is arranged as though the second chapter of the previous work, as it was doubtless intended to be considered. It occupies pp. 43 to 76. It appeared first in "Le Journal des Enfants."

     This piece bears the sub-title, "Suite d'Antonio," and was probably intended to be regarded rather as a sequel than as merely a third chapter. In the later standard editions the chapters are merely numbered, not titled at all. Original edition, pp. 77 to 117. Also issued in "Le Journal des Enfants."

     A very much improved reconstruction of the "Marie" of the "Nouvelles Contemporaines." It first appeared in its present form in the "Livre des Cent-Un," Vol. II., 1832. It was reprinted in Vol. VIII. of the original edition of "La Dame de Monsoreau" in 1846. In the original "Souvenirs d'Antony" it occupied pp. 119 to 170. Also as "Rose" in "Les Sensitives" in 1845.

     Again a much better reshaping of one of the stories of the "Nouvelles Contemporaines." It was there called "Blanche de Beaulieu, ou la Vendéenne." In its later, improved form it had already appeared in the "Revue des Deux Mondes" for 1831, as "La Rose Rouge," and under the same title in Vol. III. of "Salmigondis." Later it was to be used to help complete the final volume of "La Dame de Monsoreau" in 1846. In the "Souvenirs d 'Antony" it occupied pp. 171 to 263.

     A short story of the ultra-romantic style ; it is commonly regarded as a masterpiece of its kind. In the "Souvenirs d'Antony" it occupies pp. 265 to 284. It had previously appeared in the "Journal des Enfants," according to Parran. In 1833 it was printed both in the "Scènes du beau Monde," and in Vol. II. of "Le Contour."

     Sub-title, "Fragmens Historiques"; it fills pp. 285 to 360. These five chapters had already appeared in the "Journal des Enfants." Later they were to form part of "Le Capitaine Pamphile" (see under 1840). After its transference to this work, its place was taken in subsequent editions of the "Souvenirs d'Antony" by the three following stories :—

     A hunting reminiscence of Dumas' boyhood ; it is also narrated in his "Mémoires" as the story of the keeper Choron. It first appeared serially in "La Presse" during 1844.

     This first appeared in 1841, where particulars concerning it will be found.

     This has been aptly described as a belated "Crime Célèbre."
     Original edition of "Souvenirs d 'Antony" ; Paris, Dumont, 1835, 8vo., pp. 360.
     Second edition : Paris, printed by Leboyer at Lagny, 1836. It now occupies one volume in the standard Calmann-Lévy edition of Dumas' works, and one in the same firm's "Musée Littéraire."
     In this firm's Illustrated Edition it makes one volume, but there omits "Le Curé Chambard," while including "Histoire d'un Mort Racontée par lui-même," "Une Âme à Naître," and "La Main Droite du Sire de Giac."
     It forms part of Vol. XVI. in Le Vasseur's "Alexandre Dumas Illustré."

         References :—
     Parran : "Bibliographie d'Alexandre Dumas," p. 40.
     Quérard: "Supercheries Littéraires Dévoilées," Vol. I,, Columns 1093 and 1094.

         English Translations :—
     The only complete rendering into English is that which is included in the Methuen Series ; London, 1905, as "The Reminiscences of Antony." It also contains "Marianna," which will be found referred to under its proper date of 1859.
     In addition the following appearances of the various stories found elsewhere may be noted :—
     "Jacomo" ("Cherubino et Célestini"); London, Rudd Press, 1905, pp. 120.
     "Bernard " is to be found in the Methuen translation of Dumas' "Mémoires" ; London, 1907-09. It there occurs as Choron's Story in Vol. 1., pp. 449-82.
     "Don Martin de Freytas"' will be found in detail under its correct date of 1841.
     "Blanche de Beaulieu" was first included in a volume bearing the title of "The Adventures of a Gentleman in Search of Miss Smith," London, 1852, where it was translated by Miss E. A. Dupuy. It next appeared in the "Illustrated Literature of All Nations"; London, Clark, 1853, a volume in large 4to., profusely illustrated, and also including from Dumas' pen "Don Martin de Freytas" and "Mary Stuart." In an early number of the "Strand Magazine" an abridged version appeared as "Marceau's Prisoner," and the same translation was included in Vol. III. of the "Masterpiece Library of Short Stories"; London, The Educational Book Co., Ltd., 20 vols. The same version was, with one or two other short tales by Dumas, issued by Newnes in pamphlet form. In J. M. Dent's series it was, in the original 60-volume edition of 1897, included both the romance there called "The Brigand" ("El Salteador"), while in the later reprints of 1906 and 1926, in 48 vols., it was transferred to "Chauvelin's Will, and Stories of the French Revolution." In the American editions of Little, Brown and Co., the counterparts of Dent's, it is also included in the volume with "Chauvelin's Will" and "The Woman with the Velvet Necklace." It is sometimes referred to as "The Red Rose." "A Bal Masqué" fully translated in "Masterpiece Library of Short Stories." (London, N.D.)

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