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Le Cocher de Cabriolet; Rose

The Cabriolet Driver

conte/short story, pub:1835

Published in Souvenirs d'Antony.

    The Cabman's Story (translation of Le cocher de cabriolet)

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From Reviews (ADR) by Arthur D. Rypinski:
        A short story, set in Paris in the 1820's, and published in 1835 in Dumas' early collection of short stories, Souvenirs d'Antony. A cabriolet is a sort of a superior class of horse-drawn taxi. In the story, Dumas recounts that he spent the morning of new year's day, 1831, traveling about Paris paying a series of calls on his friends and associates. Between stops, the cabriolet driver spins Dumas a yarn about his former master, M. Eugene, a wealthy young man, who, one night, leaps from his carriage to rescue a suicidal young man from the Seine. The young woman revives, and Eugene and the driver learn that the lady is pregnant and abandoned by her gentleman lover, Alfred de Linar. The lady's father and Eugene both challenge Alfred. In the first duel, Alfred kills the father, and in the second, Eugene kills Alfred. Eugene than marries, the lady, acknowledges her child, and gives the driver a thousand francs to set himself up in business as a cabriolet driver.
        Several of Dumas' works from this period have illicit sex and its often disastrous social consequences as their theme, including the short story Un Bal Masqué (also in Souvenirs d' Antony) and the hit play, Antony.
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