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conte/short story, pub:1859

Based on a short story by Pushkin, Marianna is one of the many items published by Dumas after he returned from Russia.

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From A Bibliography of Alexandre Dumas père by Frank Wild Reed:
     One of Dumas' most charming short stories, a result of his Russian travels. Where the original came from has never been discovered ; it may well have been another's failure. Dumas made it his own.
     Appeared in "Le Monte-Cristo" during 1862, probably after issue in some other periodical.
     Original edition (apparently) : Brussels, Méline, Cans et Cie. (with "Herminie"), 1 vol., 32mo., 1859. (Not 2 vols., as M. Glinel mistakenly states.)
     Leipzig, Durr (Collection Hetzel), "Herminie and Marianna," 1 vol., 1859. (Some consider this the first edition.)
     Concluding portion of the last volume of "Conscience l'Innocent" in the standard Calmann-Lévy edition.
     In Vol. XVI. of Le Vasseur's "Alexandre Dumas Illustré."

         Reference :—
     Glinel: "Alex. Dumas et Son Œuvre," page 431.

         English Translations :—
     "Zodomirsky's Duel," a somewhat abridged translation, first appeared in the "Strand Magazine," later reprinted with other short stories by Dumas in a pamphlet. Now included in Vol. III. of "Masterpiece Library."
     "Marianna;" London, Methuen (in "Reminiscences of Antony"), sewed, 1905.

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