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Les Compagnons de Jéhu

drame/play, pub:1857

Prose drama drawn from the novel Les Compagnons de Jéhu.

From A Bibliography of Alexandre Dumas père by Frank Wild Reed:
     A prose drama in five acts and fifteen tableaux.
     Signed by Charles Gabet alone, but said by Lecomte to be with the collaboration of Alexandre Dumas. Moreover, it is drawn from the romance of the latter, which was issued this same year and under the same title.
     The "Journal Pour Tous," under the date of August 22nd, 1857, says: "M. Alexandre Dumas is not only the romance of the 19th century, he is also its drama. Most of those who shine beside him succeed only by imitating him, and sometimes (these are the most skilful) by copying him. M. Charles Gabet has extracted from the 'Compagnons de Jéhu' a fine drama, that of the love affair of Morgan. Another will perhaps draw from it again the drama of Cadoudal; and perhaps some other that of Roland."
     Dumas substantiates this in "Le Monte-Cristo," saying he gave Hostein permission to have a drama drawn from the romance by whom he thought fit. He says further that, at the time of writing, he did not know who had been selected to do this.
     This drama was first performed at the Gaîté Theatre on the 2nd of July, 1857.
     Published, Paris, Beck, 1857, 4to.

         References :—
     "Journal Pour Tous," August 22nd, 1857.
     Lecomte: "Alexandre Dumas," page 121.
     Dumas: "Le Monte-Cristo," No. for April 23rd, 1857, page 15.

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