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L' Amour et l'Espérance

vers/verse, pub:1857

From A Bibliography of Alexandre Dumas père by Frank Wild Reed:
     Eight regular four-line strophes, rhyming a, b, a, b.
     Quite plainly, according to Dumas, this poem is one of several which appeared in a little anonymous volume entitled "Solitudes," written by a lady, and published by Charlieu in 1857. In "Le Monte-Cristo" Dumas devoted two "causeries" to this volume, quoting several of the pieces. Why did Glinel include this among Dumas' verse? He followed it by six brief paragraphs in prose, ruled off as though to be converted, perhaps, into verse. These do not entirely conform to the stanzas. They are followed by a parenthesis which reads: "Collection Glinel; acquired from Étienne Charavay, 9 June, 1892." Does this indicate that either the verses or the following prose was in Dumas' hand?

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