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Scènes Historiques

collection, pub:1831-1832

Articles published in La Revue des Deux-Mondes in 1831 and 1832.

    Scènes Historiques (03) III: Perrinet LeClerc (PDF)
    Scènes Historiques (04) IV: untitled (PDF)
    Scènes Historiques (05) V: untitled (PDF)
    Scènes Historiques (06) IV: La Terrasse de la Bastille (PDF)
    Scènes Historiques (07) V: Maître Cappeluche (PDF)
    Scènes Historiques (08) VI: Sire de Gyac (PDF)
    Scènes Historiques (09) VII: Le Traité (PDF)
    Scènes Historiques (10) VIII: Le Pont de Montereau (PDF)
    Scènes Historiques (11) IX: La Course (PDF)

From A Bibliography of Alexandre Dumas père by Frank Wild Reed:
     It has been stated (page 46) that at the conclusion of 1831 Dumas published two "Scènes Historiques" in the "Revue des Deux-Mondes." He continued these with a further nine in the course of this year, 1832. Three appeared at its commencement, in the number for January 15th, and the remaining six in November and December. During the interval their author had been quite otherwise engaged. He had rendered himself over-conspicuous in the disturbances which accompanied and followed the funeral of General Lamarque on June 5th, and, in fact, a few days later it was reported in the press that he had been taken with arms in his hands and summarily shot. Though this was not so, he received a semi-official and well-intentioned warning that, to escape arrest, it would he wise for him to leave Paris for a time. The result was his journey through Switzerland, from which he returned in October.
     This absence probably caused the slight tangle which is to be found in the numeration of the "Scènes Historiques" as they appeared in the "Revue des Deux-Mondes." These articles will perhaps be best tabled thus :—
     1831. Dec. 15. I. LE CHEVALIER DE BOURDON : 1417. (See page 46.)
     1832. Jan. 15. III. PERRINET LECLERC.
       (IV.) (Untitled, but with an epigram.)
       (V.) (Untitled, but with an epigram.)
     Dec. 15. VII. LE TRAITÉ.
       IX. LA COURSE.
     What had happened seems fairly obvious. When Dumas prepared to resume his "Scènes Historiques," after returning from Switzerland, he turned up the title of his last contribution, noticed it was numbered "III.," forgot that the same number of the "Revue" also contained two further chapters, and called his new effort: "La Terrasse de la Bastille.—IV."
     M. Parigot states that two articles were published in the part for January 15th, 1832, and these he names respectively "La Prise de Paris en 1417 " and "Périnet Leclerc." Actually the "Revue" contains, first "Périnet Leclerc," and following it two untitled chapters, of which both or possibly only the latter might have been named, but were not, "La Prise de Paris."
     There were two printings of the "Revue des Deux-Mondes" for December 15th, 1831, to the second of which was added, as an introduction to the "Scènes Historiques," three pages from Dumas' hand, which were lacking in the original issue. Moreover, in these two printings, which lie before me, the size of the sheets, the numeration and the amount of matter on each page all differ.
     These articles later became the following chapters in "Isabel de Bavière:" I., Chapter XVI. ; II., Chapter XVII. ; III., Chapter XVIII.; (IV.), Chapter XIX.; (V.), Chapter XX.; IV., Chapter XXI.: V., Chapter XXII.; VI., Chapter XXIII.: VII., Chapter XXV.; VIII., Chapter XXVI.; IX., Chapter XXVII.
     Some of these scenes have epigrams, which were afterwards omitted when they became portions of "Isabel de Bavière." That of 1. is to be found previously on page 46 ; II. had none.
     III., "Périnet Leclerc," bore: "Pied à terre, enfants, et comtez sur les épaules de ce truand vingt-cinq coups de fourreau de vos épées." (1)
     (IV) (Untitled) had: "C'est infernal! dit Charlotte." (2)
     (V.) (Untitled) had: "Tous criaient : 'Notre-Dame de la Paix ! Vive le Roi ! Vive Bourgogne ! Que ceux qui veulents la paix s'arment et nous suivent.' " (3)
     IV., "La Terrasse de la Bastille" carried: "Mon père, vous dormirez tranquille, je pense, quoique ce soit la première veille d'armes de votre fils!" (4)
     V., "Maître Cappeluche," has none.
     VI., "Le Sire de Gyac," was also without one. It will be noticed that Anicet Bourgeois and Lockroy wasted but little time in drawing their play of "Périnet Leclerc" from Dumas' "Scènes Historiques." (refer to page 55) and therefore from the earlier articles only.
     (1) "Dismount, children, and count out upon the shoulders of this vagrant five-and-twenty blows with the scabbards of your swords,"
     (2) " ' It is infernal! ' said Charlotte."
     (3) "All crying : 'Our Lady of Peace ! Long live the King ! Long live Burgundy ! Let all who desire peace arm themselves and follow us.' "
     (4) " My father, you may sleep calmly, I think, even though this is the first guard kept by your son under arms !"

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