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La Vendée après le 29 juillet (1830)

non-fiction, pub:1831, action:1830

    La Vendée après le 29 juillet (PDF)

From A Bibliography of Alexandre Dumas père by Frank Wild Reed:
     This article, signed by Dumas, was published in the "Revue des Deux Mondes," Vol. I., Series i., for 1831, pp. 114 to 133.
     Apparently it has never been reprinted, but its author used it, and, in fact, quoted a large portion of it, in his "Mémoires," when these came to be written long after.
     Immediately after the Revolution of 1830, Dumas obtained a "mission" to La Vendée, ostensibly to examine the possibilities of organising a National Guard in that royalist department, but also for other reasons : to see the country for himself ; to visit Mme. Mélanie Waldor, then resting at her father's property of La Jarrie, between Clisson and Corfou ; to perhaps make some investigations concerning Paul Jones's visits to the harbour of Lorient, and perhaps also a little to air his new uniform. On his return he wrote a report for Lafayette and the king, in which he deprecated the possibilities of inducing any sudden changes in the province of the west, but made some suggestions as to what would be most helpful towards its successful pacification.

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     During this year [1831] Dumas gave to the "Revue des Deux Mondes" : "La Rose Rouge" ("Blanche de Beaulieu") in Séries I., Vol. III., pp. 5 to 46; also some "Scenes Historiques," "Le Chevalier de Bourdon, 1417," and "Laissez Passer la Justice du Roi" (pp. 659-690). They later became Chapters XVI. and XVII. of "Isabel de Bavière." In the Revue only, they bore the epigraph : "Ah! ah! messieurs de la prévoté ! il parait que nôtre sire le roi aime les tournois de grand chemin." ("Ah! ah! messieurs of the provostship! Our lord the king, it appears, likes tournaments upon the high-road.")

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