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Paul Jones; Paul le corsaire

drame/play, pub:1838

Drama in five acts about John Paul Jones. From this, Dumas wrote the novel, Le Capitaine Paul.

From A Bibliography of Alexandre Dumas père by Frank Wild Reed:
     A prose drama in five acts.
     De Mirecourt, and following him Quérard, accredits Théodore Nezel with some slight hand in this piece, but it is highly improbable (see below). With this exception, no collaborator has been associated with the composition of the play. (For the romance drawn from it, refer to "Le Capitaine Paul," page 104.)
     Dumas' preface to the romance, written years later, throws much light upon matters concerning both drama and romance. Moreover, it is, as usual with our author, very amusingly told. We there learn the true story of it being pledged with the invaluable Porcher, who, it being unredeemed, handed it over some time later to his son-in-law, Théodore Nezel, then manager of the Panthéon Théâtre, and financially in a bad way. Porcher was afraid to meet Dumas, on the latter's return, but the good-natured dramatist bore not the least resentment, though it was to his detriment that any piece should be played at a third-rate theatre.
     First performed at the Panthéon Théâtre on October 12th, 1838 (according to the "Théâtre Complet"); on the 8th of that month (following Quérard).
     On October 16th, 1841, it was re-staged at the Porte Saint Martin, under the slightly modified title of "Paul le Corsaire," where it had a very successful run of forty performances.
     Original edition: Paris, Marchant, 1838, large 8vo. of two columns, forming part of the "Magasin Théâtral," pp. 32.
     It forms one of the pieces included in Vol. II. of Passard's continuation of Charpentier' s edition of the plays.
     It may now be read in Vol. IV. of the 15 Vol. edition, and in Vol. VI. of that in 25 Vols., as issued by Calmann-Lévy.

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     According to Quérard, between the publication of the romance, "Le Capitaine Paul," and the performance of "Paul Jones," the drama, two pieces had been staged, both of which were derived from the former.
     "Le Capitaine Paul," a drama in five acts, in prose, by Dautrevaux. Performed at the Théâtre Dorsay on the 30th of August, 1838. (Not printed.)
     "Le Capitaine Paul," a prose drama in three acts, by MM. Durand de Valley (Em. Gautrot) and Léon Angot. Performed at the Théâtre du Luxembourg on the 6th of October, 1838. (Not printed.)

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