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roman/novel, pub:1928

From A Bibliography of Alexandre Dumas père by Frank Wild Reed:
     A romance by this title was written in 1928 by Mr. H. Bedford-Jones, and published at New York by Covici, Priede, in the same year. The preface says: "This story augments and incorporates without alteration a fragmentary MS., the handwriting of which has been identified as that of Alexandre Dumas, and as such authenticated by Victor Lemesle, the well-known expert of Paris. So far as can be learned, it has remained unpublished hitherto."
     In reply to a letter, Mr. Bedford-Jones very kindly supplies the further information : to the effect that the MS. in Dumas' hand was only about a page, comprising the thesis of Aramis (plainly the piece on pp. 133-34). This piece is evidently part, perhaps the commencement, of one of Dumas' journalistic articles. This romance will be thoroughly enjoyed by lovers of Dumas.

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