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divers/miscellaneous, pub:1865

From A Bibliography of Alexandre Dumas père by Frank Wild Reed:
     About 1864 Dumas was contributing to the "Petit Journal," and on November 1st he suggested a novel competition to the readers. Some years previously, at an evening gathering of friends in his house, a set of almost impossible rhymes was given to Méry as a test of this latter's skill in verse-making. The poet withdrew, and in half an hour reappeared with his task completed, Dumas now suggested to the subscribers of the paper that they should try their hands at this exercise The rhymes were :—Femme—Catilina— âme — fouina — jongle — citoyen — ongle — paien — mirabelle — Mirabeau — belle — flambeau — Orestie — Gabrio (a pet name among her intimates for la Comtesse Dash) — repartie — agio — figues — faisan — ligue — parmesan — noisette — pâté — grisette — bâté. It was Dumas who had first strung these words together. Prizes were offered, and 378 pieces of verse were sent in. An edition of 500 copies was printed, and has now become scarce. Dumas supplied a short preface
     Sole edition : Paris, Librairie du Petit Journal, yellow wrapper. pp. x., 378, 1865.

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