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Jeanne Eyre

drame/play, pub:1858

From A Bibliography of Alexandre Dumas père by Frank Wild Reed:
     A prose drama, now lost, drawn from the novel by Charlotte Brontë.
     Dumas tells us that Siroy and Jenneval asked him for a play, suggesting a censored "Antony." He offered them "Jeanne Eyre," of which he had just written the concluding words. They were then playing at the Grand Theatre of Marseilles, and instead of sending the play by post Dumas determined to carry it to them himself. It was approved, and was to be placed in rehearsal, or rather the first three acts were approved ; the last two not having been delivered by the copyist. While waiting for these an actor, discontented with his role, spread abroad the rumour that already a "Jeanne Eyre" had been performed at Brussels. Upon this being carried to Dumas, he offered another piece in its place, to wit "Les Forestiers" (to which refer, on page 350).
     "Jeanne Eyre" was neither performed nor printed.

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