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L' Ange de Poésie

vers/verse, pub:1833

From A Bibliography of Alexandre Dumas père by Frank Wild Reed:
     Five regular stanzas, each of eight lines, rhyming a, b. a, b, c, d, c, d.
     This piece, bearing the date of December 18th, 1833, figures among the autographs composing the album of Madame Mennessier-Nodier, along with a letter from that lady dated at Fontenay-aux-Roses, June 12th, 1886.
     Apparently this poem was first published in a Christmas gift-book, 12mo., entitled "Leben sie Wohl," and edited by MM. Taxile Delord and Adolphe Carle; Marseilles, printed by Feissart l'ainé et Demonchy, No. 19 Rue Canebière, 1835.
     It next appeared in "La Perce-Neige," choice fragments of modern poetry, collected and published by Madame Mennessier-Nodier, 18mo., Paris, Heideloff et Campé. 16 Rue Vivienne, 1836 : Everat, printer and founder, 16 Rue du Cadran (with a figure representing a seated angel, and a frontispiece, both on Chinese paper).
     M. Glinel registers two very slight variations between these two printed versions.
     "L'Ange de Poésie " has been set to music by Ch. Glantade, and was sung by Duprez. On this published version the vignette on the title is by A. Devéria, lithographed by Guillet ; Paris, Madame Cristriez, No. 1 Faubourg Poissonnière.
     On more than one occasion Dumas' holograph of these verses. or of four of them only, has been lithographed, but usually very badly, so that it is difficult to decipher them completely.
     The first stanza only is quoted by Michel Salomon, in his "Charles Nodier et la Groupe Romantique," pp. 163 and 164.

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