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vers/verse, pub:1831

From A Bibliography of Alexandre Dumas père by Frank Wild Reed:
     On the 19th of November, 1831, Dumas wrote to the editor of the " Livre des Cent-Un "the following letter :—
     "Mon Cher Ladvocat,—-Is it all the same to you if I send, for this number, the piece of verse entitled ' Suicide,' and that for the other volume I give you the 'Cocher de Cabriolet' ? It is a pretty-article which, to compose quickly, would be to ruin it. A note would indicate this transposition and do me a service. Beply to me by return post.
         "Yours wholly,
             "Alexandre Dumas,
                 "No. 40, Rue Saint-Lazare."
     "Le Cocher de Cabriolet" duly appeared in Vol. II. of the "Livre des Cent-Un " (1832). but "Suicide" is not to be found in any of the 15 Volumes of the publication, and M. Glinel vainly asks what has become of it.

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