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La Rose Rouge et la Rose Blanche

vers/verse, pub:1824

From A Bibliography of Alexandre Dumas père by Frank Wild Reed:
     Two stanzas, variously rhymed, the first of 22 lines, the second of 16.
     A slightly acrimonious dialogue between a red rose and a white, which is brought to a conclusion by a young girl plucking both.
     This piece was unknown to Glinel, and seemingly to other bibliographers.
     It was printed in the "Almanach dédié aux Demoiselles" for 1824, pages 91 and 95, and must therefore of necessity have been written not later than the preceding year.
     The little annual referred to was published by Louis Janet, and contained 140 pages of text, 12 unnumbered pages at the commencement relative to six engravings, 8 pages of calendar, also unnumbered, and 4 of table at the end, followed by 12 blank pages for notes, one devoted to each month, and with a small design within a circle at the top. The title-page bears a vignette. The volume measures 120 by 78 mm., is daintily bound in a white parchment paper cover of stiff format, with designs in colours, and it slips into a container of similar construction, from which it is easily withdrawn by a silk tag.
     This piece of verse has the distinction of being the first—at any rate so far discovered—of either verse or prose which Dumas had printed.

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