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Le Chant du Ménestrel

vers/verse, pub:early (undated)

From A Bibliography of Alexandre Dumas père by Frank Wild Reed:
     Three six-line stanzas, of regular formation, rhyming a, b, b, a, c, c.
     Written in a rough hand, on the back of "Fuyons ces tristes lieux, O Maîtresse Adorée," these lines may or may not be by Dumas, though sold as such. Their style and quality are much like his, but they have in that case been scribbled hastily, probably on the back of a piece for some reason rejected,—perhaps because of this very draft of "Le Chant du Ménestrel." This is one of four pieces— iv, v, vi, and vii—at one time owned by Miss D. Knott, now in the Reed Dumas Collection.

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