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vers/verse, pub:early (undated)

From A Bibliography of Alexandre Dumas père by Frank Wild Reed:
     Five eight-line stanzas, of which the last four lines in each case form a refrain. The rhyming is a. b, a, b, c, d, c, d. The entire refrain is given at the end of each verse.
     In subject it is the lament of a Scotch prisoner held in exile by the English.
     This piece, which M. Glinel describes as a model of calligraphy, the character of the writing varying with each verse, is attributed to Dumas; in. any case, it is certainly in his handwriting. M. Glinel acquired it from the firm of Étienne Charavay in 1892.
     It is to be noted that much of Dumas' early verse, in its autograph form, is not signed. This piece neither carries his signature nor any date.
     Apparently it is not known in print.

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