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L' Envers d'une conspiration; Le Fils de Donald le Noir

drame/play, pub:1860

A prose comedy in five acts.

From A Bibliography of Alexandre Dumas père by Frank Wild Reed:
     A prose comedy in five acts
     Dumas signed this alone, but it is often claimed that Lockroy collaborated therein: if so, it was to but a slight extent in all probability.
     The holograph manuscript of this piece, signed on the last page, is now in the Reed Dumas Collection. It is clearly and beautifully written on both sides of a strong, thick, creamy paper, for the most part, though there are a few sheets of a very slight azure tint. Each act has evidently been treated as a separate portion, probably for prompting purposes, since what was the final, blank page is in each case somewhat stained ; moreover, the acts have each been folded lengthwise. The first four acts are entitled: "Le Fils de Donald le Noir," alike on the first sheet as title, and on the top of the first page of the act itself. Only the fifth, and final, act is entitled "L'Envers d'une Conspiration," under which designation it was both printed and performed. Its original title seems to be quite unknown to bibliographers. The order is as follows : A page bearing the title "Le Fils de Donald le Noir—Comédie—En 5 Actes et en Prose." The verso is blank. Thirty-seven unnumbered pages, comprising the first act, followed by three blank pages. the title of the second act with the verso blank. Thirty-four unnumbered pages, comprising Act II. Four blank pages. The title of Act III., with the verso blank. Thirty-eight pages, comprising Act III., followed by four blank pages. the words "IVe. Acte" in the centre of the next page, of which the verso is again blank. Twenty-seven unnumbered pages comprise Act IV. Three blank pages. "L'Envers d'une Conspiration—5e. Acte," with a large flourish, and the verso blank. Twenty-seven pages, roughly numbered in pencil, then two blank ones, evidently in error, and finally seven lines of text on a page numbered 28 Then the word "Fin," and the signature "Al. Dumas." It is to he noted that the two final spoken lines of the MS. are not in any of the printed copies, either original editions or late ones. They are as follows :—
         LE ROI, à Evan.
             Accordé !
                 (Evan tombe à genou devant Edith qui lui donne la main.)
             Je savais bien qu'il y avait de la magie là-dessous.
     First performed at the Vaudeville Theatre on 4th of June, 1860.
     Original edition : Paris, Michel Lévy Frères, 12mo., 1860.
     Published by the same firm in their "Théâtre Contemporain Illustré," Large 4to. of two columns.
     It may now be read in Vol. XIV. of the 15 Vol. edition of the plays, and in Vol. XXII. of that in 25 Vols. by Calmann-Lévy.

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