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Les Deux Reines

roman/novel, pub:1864, action:1681-1700

Memoirs of Mademoiselle de Luynes. Sequel to La Dame de volupté.

From A Bibliography of Alexandre Dumas père by Frank Wild Reed:
     The sequel or continuation of "La Dame de Volupté." There is little doubt that this was mainly the production of la Comtesse Dash, and it bears every evidence of her style and scant sign of Dumas', though likely enough he may have given advice and touched it up. It must be remembered that he claimed for both works no more than that they were "publié" by him. It was his publishers who took good care that this intimation should be non-obtrusive so far as the prospective purchaser was concerned.
     This romance deals with the subsequent experiences of La Comtesse de Verrue, this time at the court of Charles II., the last king of Spain of the Austrian line. The work ends with his death in 1700, and may be considered as going back to about 1681. The two queens which supply the title are the successive wives of Charles II. : Marie Louise and Marie Anna of Neuburg.
     As already stated, the original publication of the first few chapters was as the conclusion of "La Dame de Volupté" in the version published by Perrin of Turin as part of Vol. III. of "La Maison de Savoie." (Refer to pp. 275-77.)
     Original edition of the complete work : Paris, Michel Lévy Frères, 2 vols. ,12mo. ,1864.
     It now forms two volumes in the standard Calmann-Lévy edition, and one in the same firm's "Musée Littéraire."
     In Le Vasseur's "Alexandre Dumas Illustré" it forms part of Vol. XII., following immediately on "La Dame de Volupté."

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