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CadyTech provides:

Database Design

Every business application project has a database, in one form or another. The success of the project often hinges on the correct design of the database. There are many factors which need to be taken into consideration, such as the security of the data, the speed of access, the sophistication of the users, and the integrity of the data.

An appropriate choice for many business applications is one of the mainstream DBMSs, such as Microsoft SQL Server, or Oracle.

CadyTech was one of the first companies to build "99% relational" databases using abstract primary keys and optimistic locking.

Application Design

The architecture of an application is often ignored at the beginning of a failed project. It is imperative to design and build a detailed specification of the architecture of the system before beginning any development. The design of a system often takes up half or more of the entire effort of the project.

Microsoft has captured a large chunk portion of the business application market with Visual Basic. There are few business applications where Visual Basic is inappropriate, as it can be compiled for near-C++ speed, and scaled using Microsoft Transactrion server.

Application Development

Application development, whether it be a web application or a standalone application should be fairly simple, given a good design. The largest portion of CadyTech's application development time is taken up in design. The second largest is in testing.


CadyTech has excellent trainers! The function of a trainer is to impart useful skills to the attendees. One of the key points in a class is to keep the students interested and entertained.

It is important that a complex application have skilled people to maintain it. CadyTech supplies comprehensive training to the users of the system as well as the maintainers of the system.

Technical Help

CadyTech can help you figure out why you are getting that weird SQL Server error message, or how to install a DNS server under Windows 2000. Maybe you need to setup your own Web site, but don't know where to begin. CadyTech can do any of these thing for you, and with you.

Web Site Design

CadyTech can design a simple, efficient, and clean web site for you. Check out Art Angel, The Enticy Group, or The Alexandre Dumas père Web Site for example.

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